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Al Honor artist Fernando Sosa

El maestro Fernando Sosa, enseñó a numerosas generaciones en el Conservatorio Nacional de Música.

The master Fernando Sosa, numerous generations taught at the National Conservatory of Music.

Today, NSO National Symphony Orchestra, students from the National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara", teachers, colleagues and friends of the musician Fernando Sosa, gathered to recognize his career, dismiss their remains and their prayers to heaven for his eternal rest.

The National Conservatory was the setting for the posthumous homage to Sosa teacher, who served in the first bassoon OSN for many years and served for more than 30 teaching at the Conservatory, enabling the 9 generations and communicating their musical experiences.

We have lost a great teacher here at the Conservatory ... we went a great artist, a great performer and teacher. This was his home and now we have it again here at home and will always be remembered fondly by all of us, has left a great legacy and no one is sure of a person is the master Fernando Sosa, said Roberto Unleashed, Director of Conservatory.

The OSN classics interpreted by international composers, but the applause was a composition teacher Sosa, First Movement entitled Little Symphony.


Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, highlighted the work that for years served Sosa teacher at the National Conservatory.

Reviewing some history of the Master Sosa Avila me no choice but to acknowledge the great work he did during his lifetime. The recognition gained by the Master was no fluke, was the product of the effort and dedication that you printed your studies, both the National Conservatory and abroad. His affection for the bassoon allowed him to be a virtuous, Castellanos said Clariza, Deputy Minister of Culture.

Students of teacher Sosa also expressed admiration and appreciation for receiving the teachings and friendship, agreeing that will always remember and will miss.

Rest in peace.

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