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The Ninth Circle wise grandmothers and grandfathers Planet Sacred Site visit Iximché

Vamos al Mundo Maya_112126
Vamos al Mundo Maya_112126

Chimaltenango. The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Directorate General of Cultural and Strengthening Development of Cultures held this weekend activity "Let the Mundo Maya" Sacred Site Iximché.

The activity began with a Mayan ceremony offered to the Creator and Maker received thanking him and asking good living of all peoples that make Guatemala.

The aim of this event is to be known through direct contact; archaeological and sacred sites and cultural legacies and thereby raise awareness of the value and the cultural richness of the country through the exchange of experiences in each of the communities of origin.

This time were invited to 50 members of the ninth circle of grandmothers and grandfathers wise Planet, authorities and community leaders of the people Kaqchiquel.

These tours are made from a deep respect for all cultures and their way of seeing the world. Recognizing that we are all part of the evolution towards a collective knowledge, so we believe important to gather and create a space for coexistence and sharing knowledge of the grandmothers and grandfathers wise Planet.

"It was attended by representatives of the Circle of grandmothers and grandfathers of the people of Guatemala, Linguistic Communities representatives of the country and by practicing Pixab 'a space for dialogue about the Maya and other cultures values ​​that still remain in the world from his life experience he had, "said Milka Chacach, Head of Cultural Managers of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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