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Childhood Program


The Noun Childhood Program, serves national, boys and girls 0 a 11 years old, which promotes the practice of Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation as a means of motor development and movement education, social life through the promotion of traditional games. Its main objective is to identify leaders that create positive changes within their family environment.

Attends various activities

Related to Childhood, such as:

  • Standing center hits
  • Festival of skills
  • Gymnastics "My First Steps"
  • Day Celebration boy and girl
  • Children's Christmas Potluck
  • Internal recreation
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • City Kids Fair


How to request support?


Step 1

Making a request to the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation and / or the Director General of Sport and Recreation.

Step 2

Submit request on letterhead, signed and sealed in the single window in the general direction of Sport and Recreation located in in the 6th. Calle y 6ta. Avenida National Palace area 1 with 20 working days in advance.

Such request must carry specified what kind of support is needed and the number of beneficiaries, date on which the activity will be, exact place, telephone number of the person requesting the activity.

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