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In seeking a harmonization of the Mayan calendar to commemorate the Wayeb '

conferencia calendario maya_3100
conferencia calendario maya_3100

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures held this 10 January a conference on "Harmonization of the Mayan Calendar" to define the commemoration of Wayeb'.

Based on studies and research engineer Igor Xoyoc, Archaeologist Alejandro Garay and Rodríguez Bachelor Raxche for some linguistic communities Wayeb 'marks the 21 February and for other communities is the 2 April this year. The date varies according to tradition and the inherited cultural pattern of upland and lowland, however, maintain the same charger year, constitutes a converging central point.

During the 2014, the Ministry of Culture and Sports conducted a study with the aim of developing a proposal for harmonizing the calendar, based on epigraphic references, historical and ethnographic so they can support the appropriate use of calendars, in the Third National Meeting of Ajqijab'(diviners) and the information was analyzed on the importance, foundations and advantages of unification of the celebration of Wayeb 'nationwide.

The Building Directorate of Cultural Identity Cultural Development Directorate General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, He planned this conference with the participation of representatives of the National Council of Ajqijab', Historians, researchers and specialists about the Mayan calendar system.

"Today is a special day to discuss and share ideas, hope all are in tune and reach a common agreement, this activity is of benefit to our people, seek to develop the most appropriate way, "said Hernandez Eustaquia, Director of Cultural Development.

Upon completion of this discussion group several ideas which he collected shoulder: It is a very important issue for the indigenous community which must deepen and analyze more carefully and use these spaces that are provided through the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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