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Deliver Record Civic Center to be Declared National Heritage of Modernity

Director general del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural al momento de recibir el expediente de manos del Doctor Raúl Monterroso.

Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage at the time of the record from the hands of Dr. Raul Monterroso.

The Commission for the Recovery of the Civic Center submitted to the authorities of the Deputy Minister and the Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the record that postulates the Civic Center to be declared National Heritage of Modernity.

The record brings together the work delivered has been done for more than eight months by the Valuation Committee of the Civic Center, built by the University of San Carlos of Guatemala USAC, Universidad Rafael Landívar URL, City of Guatemala, Gonzalez Goyri Association for Culture, Do.co.mo.mo., Mortgage Credit and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

A dossier submission architects attended Jorge Montes and Carlos Haussler, creators of the buildings that make up the Civic Center. Montes recalled that at the time of the creation of the Civic Center, artists and architects involved unified their ideas, knowledge and expectations to give Guatemala a space in which the human being is the main actor and the vehicles go into the background.

The General Coordinator USAC Planning, Raul Monterroso, said the National Heritage declaration would be a step towards achieving the ultimate objective of the work that is being done, that is to make the Civic Center area is declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, UNESCO.

Meanwhile Oscar Mora, Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage, congratulated the members of the Commission for the rescue work they are performing as the Civic Center area has a high artistic value, architectural, historical and cultural, which is reflected in the record that received. Also, this ensures that the process of declaration as a National Heritage Modernity continue without difficulties.

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