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Book Festival “The Brave”, space for artisans of the word

The Valiant is a festival dedicated to alternative publishing and reading promotion. The event, coordinated by the Ex Libris Association in conjunction with the Editorial and Publishing Wings Kinky Keg, arises with the idea of ​​convening editorial and artistic projects alternative, who with their initiative have valuably contributed to cultural activity.

In recent years, has seen the emergence of a large population between literary writers, poets, playwrights, graphics artists and editors who work from their field. That is why it is important at this time to create a different space where artisans can converge word and image with the public, build a new platform from which to present the vast cultural wealth that is being created in the country and Latin America in order to make visible the work and development of this movement, that is why it is increasingly necessary to understand that collective work is paramount.

The First Festival of the Book The Brave, will take place in the facilities of the French Alliance (5ta street 10-55 area 13, Finca La Aurora), the 23 to the 29 June the 2014. The festival will consist of three areas that are:
  1. Poetry workshops, editorial design, narrative, e-books, and craft bookbinding; Monday 23 to Thursday 26 June.
  2. Cultural program with readings of poetry and narrative, book presentations, music and audiovisual and Beverage; Friday 27 Sunday 29 June.
  3. Exhibition and sale of books, fanzines, journals, drives and motion graphics; Friday 27 Sunday 29 June.
Ex Libris Association aims to promote reading and seeks to enhance national and community libraries with new national literary writers, the purpose of the reading public has direct access to publications and meet the authors and proposals emerging in Guatemala.

First Festival of the Book The Brave

Alliance Francaise

The 23 to the 29 June of 2014

18:00 hours

Cost of Workshops: Q.30.00 (in pre) / Q.50.00
Handcrafted Binding: Q.125.00 (in pre) / Q.175.00

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