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I cycle ends full of positive energy

WAYEB_1947With great joy and reverence completion Wayeb held ', Maya agricultural calendar period that ended on Thursday 20 February, day on which this activity was commemorated. In the archaeological site Kaminaljuyu authorities the Ministry of Culture and Sports headed by Demetrio Cojtí met, Director of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

The activities kicked off with the interpretation of pieces by the indigenous group Xahil, originating in San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango Representative of the language community kakchiquel. This group was presented with wind instruments, traditional mud, tenor marimba and percussion composed of drums and tortoise shells, inter alia. The musical pieces were played while spiritual guides placed offerings to the Maya ceremony.

Official Presence and indigenous leaders

The formal ceremony began with a welcome by Demetrio Cojtí, Director of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures. The officer made a special emphasis on the commemoration of Wayeb 'as a symbol of identity of Guatemalan native cultures. He recalled that this period is taken advantage of to reflect on the actions taken during the year ended.

The spiritual guide Juan Chirix gave a brief talk on the important aspects of Wayeb 'to understand the importance of this event. He mentioned, inter alia, that time is cyclical and that the timetable is walking the earth around the sun. I finally saluted the International Mother Language Day is commemorated each 21 February.

It ended with the intervention of Andrés Hernández, representative of the Academy of Mayan Languages ​​of Guatemala. In their participation talked about the importance of the mother tongue and the native languages ​​of the country.

Preparing for the new year

Once completed the protocol activities, in the square Kaminaljuyu gave way to holding a Maya ceremony, led by spiritual leaders of various indigenous ethnic groups. After the religious ceremony, Kakchiquel children in communities interpreted the Deer Dance, along with an academic explanation of each of the parts of the traditional dance. The activities ended with the presentation of Maya Ballgame by the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The Culture, engine of development!

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