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Image and likeness

This book told the Chilean poet Héctor Hernández Montecinos; "Image and likeness of Carmen Lucia Alvarado is a dialogue not with God, but with the divine in the act of creating.
Words and verses of the Book rejoice in the fact of existing, Spoken, hear, appear and disappear like a garden of delights, as a hidden and novel Oedipal: City, desire, man, a we. It is the construction of an image and the dismantling of his own likeness, maybe that's the secret of poetry and one of the threads of this book, a watermark across it and
lo muta. Image and likeness is remarkable in its construction, in his play of multiple voices, temperance and in his desperation. A great book ".

Author: Carmen Lucia Alvarado
Gender: Poetry
Rafael Landivar Series
56 pages

Carmen Lucía Alvarado
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