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Symbol of the hidden forces of the universe expressed in dementia. "Imox" is the name of all the secret things. Overall, is a day of negative influences. It's a dangerous day. It is a symbol of the left hemisphere, the human subtle, is sensitivity. It is the essence of our consciousness and our mind.

It is the nawal or water spirit. Generates movement but, also, lack of emotional. It is a day with negative influences and those born on this day can become bullies. Hence, the day is conducive to emotional cleansing ceremonies.

Means idiocy and madness. It is a special day to order the abundance of water. Day to call on the rivers and springs of water to avoid dry. Your job is to help the right brain to do a better job and have a good attitude.

Imox. It is the day of delusion or mistake. No labeling to make decisions. It is the day when you can beg and clean the disturbances caused by the enemy in all spheres of life.

Spiritual function
Treatment of mental disorders.
Special day to call for water.
Invocations to maintain mental balance, spiritual, physical and emotional.

Characteristics of a person born in Imox
Its origin is Aj and his fate is Toch.


  • You can develop clairvoyance.
  • You can capture the messages and signals of nature.
  • You can develop with greater left hemisphere.
  • You can have good initiatives.

Possible Weaknesses

  • He forgets things easily.
  • It can be very unsafe.
  • You can have violent reactions.
  • He was ordained in his stuff.
  • It can have a varied character.

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