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Establishment of The Time Capsule

The Ministry of Culture and Sports will open next 22 April the monument "Time Capsule", in order to transmit to future generations the cultural aspects of the present age. This project carried out by the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of cultures will be established by Ministry officials and documents contain, everyday items, posts, letters, testimony and relevant predictions of the national reality in all its aspects. The capsule was placed in the courtyard of the National Palace of Culture Cultural.
The Deputy Minister of Culture Leandro Yax mentioned that the capsule will close on 22 April and its contents were observed until 2065, when it meets a series of 52 years old. This period represents the 13 lunar energies, multiplied by 4 cross symbolizing the cosmic. The monument contains letters written by celebrities from different places and ideologies, "Participating political personalities, cultural, sports, religious, artistic, scholars and many more people who are interested in raising awareness of the current situation "said the Deputy Yax.
The Director of Cultural Development, Chuc Everardo mentioned how important and transcendental is this historic monument and is for the country and for tracking B'aktun Oxlajuj which is the beginning of a new era Maya.
The work is the artist Mario Roberto Lopez Perez. It is made as a monolith and made green marble. Inside contains a wooden hand carved cedar wrapped in luxurious fabric typically symbolizes the seed within the capsule. The stone represents the time, DO (stone) 360 K’in, and is formed by two complementary parts, a feminine and masculine side. The lid of the box will have the inscription, 4 Ajpu 3 K’ank’in Guatemala.

The Base has recorded twenty calendar nahuales Cholq'ij, twenty days to form a Winaq, (period 20 days in the long count) they also represent a person or human. The glyphs of the cardinal directions point to the four Haab boots: Admit, Kej, Iq y Ee.

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