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Exchange seeks to improve the system of cultural information

Days 6 and 7 August, Guatemala held in exchange for the experience of the National Council for Culture and Arts of Mexico CONACULTA, whose alliance has ensured support for the SIC system Guatemala, under the General Directorate of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD.

Cultural information is important use for planning and public policies of any country. It is a very complex task, requires many wills, a technical team capable and experiences and elements ... In Guatemala inspires me confidence that they will succeed, said Alfonso Reyes Flores, CONACULTA, institution which has about 13 _trabajar years with SIC Cultural Information System.

The SIC is a database that helps to have permanent and updated information of different cultural events and activities, artistic and recreational carried out in each country. The register of infrastructure also included there, for example, theaters, museums, archaeological sites; besides sociological, demographic and anthropological.

At the Ministry we are carrying out two major projects for our country: Satellite Account of Culture and Cultural Information System SIC. They are complementary projects that are interdependent, SIC serves as a comprehensive database to feed the culture satellite account and the satellite account can provide highly specialized information consumption, value added, supply and demand of the cultural, indicó Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

The workshop was coordinated by the Cultural Development and was attended by delegates of Information and Advisory Board of the Ministry SIC Advisory, representatives of the INE, IGN National Institute of Geography and Cultural Contribution for Decentralization ADESCA. With these activities, is expected to move forward in building the SIC and Satellite Account, important for the country.

Culture, engine of development!

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