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Day concerts of symphonic band continues

Música de banda sinfónica llega a Totonicapán9-1507
Música de banda sinfónica llega a Totonicapán9-1507

The Regional Institute of Normal West is home to the second concert featuring young musicians participating in the National Meeting of Symphonic Bands, Totonicapán. About 400 department students witness this art show that includes classic pieces such as the Overture 1812 de Piotr Illich Tchaikowsky, Guatemalan and other Central American repertoire.

The activity is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Department of Arts. It has the support of public institutions and international donors.

The day will close the evening with a gala concert to be held in the Municipal Theatre Totonicapán from the 19 hours and thus end this meeting that included training workshops, dynamic academic and testing of works to present.

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