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The Office of Cultural Development

Deputy Technical Director for Citizen Participation

It is in charge of promoting cultural projects to encourage the general public about the importance of Sustainable Human Development and Culture of Peace. Promotes actions that can boost the National Cultural Development Plan through local, municipal and departmental, Development Units strengthening coordination with other agencies of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, State institutions and civil society.

Within this Sub Technical Direction are four departments that complement that make this;

Department of Education and Training Citizen:

Design plans for training and education for citizenship in cultural management based on multiculturalism and interculturalism the beneficiaries being local cultural organizations.

Besides strengthening the participation of representatives, authorities and indigenous leaders to the Councils of Urban and Rural Development, developing the capabilities and specialties according to their ancestral knowledge through training programs and plans for cultural development.

And something very important is to coordinate training events, paticipació citizen programs and cultural management to achieve the objectives and goals of the National Development Plan Long Term Cultural.

Department of Management:

This department is responsible for analyzing and interpreting the reality of the socio-political context, economic and cultural construct that allows programs proposed by, project plans and Cultural Development.

It also provides advice and technical support to local authorities, community leaders and promoters of cultural relevance in policy, plans, programs and projects that are in keeping with the strategic National Plan for Cultural Development.

Department of Promotion

One of the main functions of this department is to represent the Ministry of Culture and Sports at the various levels of System Board of Urban and Rural Development; supports while seeking opportunities in the process of cultural development of Maya organizations, Garifuna, Xinkun y Mestizos.

Additionally Cultural Development proposals formulated based on studies of local cultural expressions, as well as those found in vulnerability. It also maintains close coordination with cultural authorities, based on the National Development Plan Long-term culture.

Volunteer Department

Strengthen groups identifying cultural volunteer, for the implementation of programs and projects of local cultural development, priority populations in situations of widespread poverty and extreme.

Even managed technical and financial resources, to strengthen cultural volunteer program. This also sets the stage to promote the creation and strengthening of the National Network of cultural volunteering.

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