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Sculpture Opens The National Newspaper

With the help of relatives of late journalist, licensed Clemente Marroquin Rojas, the National Newspaper Library bearing his name, inaugurated today -28 June- bust sculpture as distinguished hero of independent journalism.

Escultura Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Sculpture Clemente Marroquin Rojas

This work of art was sculpted in marble-stone to harmonize with that of Rigoberto Bran Azmitia- by maestro Leopoldo Barrientos (30 May 1,976), artist whose career has been reflected by the direct influence of another great sculptor, his father Oscar Barrientos.

The newspaper archive is an entity that is named after Clemente Marroquin Rojas and performs this tribute, for the work they performed this journalist remembered for freedom of speech and press, especially in this era of dictatorship in which the country found.

It conveys a Guatemalan who has put his corn grain for Guatemala is today, one of the free countries of Latin, Leandro said Yax, Deputy Culture.

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Clemente Marroquin Rojas

The Newspaper, cultural heritage of the nation, is a dependency that has within, fuller memory of Latin America. Leveraging the ceremony, was made available to the users of that noble house of consultation, a valuable collection of 34 bulletin boards that came to light during the government of Colonel Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán.

Guatemala Nueva

New Guatemala

The Lic. Clemente Marroquin Rojas, through a pseudonym raised us and we very sarcastically embodied what was living in Guatemala, criticized the government, but also proposed solutions to the various problems, said, Miguel Alvarez, Chronicler of the City, to remember the honoree.

Lucrecia Marroquin Palomo, granddaughter of journalist Marroquin Rojas, recalled stories of his grandfather, expressing pride in being descended from so distinguished unwavering values.

Escultura Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Sculpture Clemente Marroquin Rojas

At the ceremony were present, Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, Newspaper authorities and the Chronicler Guatemala City, Miguel Alvarez, among other special guests.

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