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The Seventh Day Art Research is underway

"What is a child?”. Esta fue la pregunta que la escritora colombiana Clara Lucía Pérez Arroyave planteó a los asistentes a la inauguración de la VII Jornada de Investigación Artística, that the 2 to the 4 de agosto, se celebra en el Teatro de Cámara “Hugo Carrillo”, Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias".

The South American expositor participated in the round table "Literature, theater and children "with which he started this academic meeting. En esta primera actividad participaron también Luis Rodrigo Carrillo y Ricardo Martínez de la Universidad de San Carlos, who presented his vision of theater aimed at children in Guatemala.

El Viceministro de Cultura Max Araujo, en nombre del Ministro de Cultura y Deportes José Luis Chea Urruela, opened the conference and highlighted the efforts that members of the Commission of Inquiry of Art in Guatemala (CIAG), realiza en la organización. Mario Caxaj, Coordinador de la string, He noted that this initiative came at the Ministry of Culture and Sports and over the years have joined the universities of San Carlos of Guatemala, Rafael Landívar, hospitalizations, Mesoamericana, Research Center of the Arts, and the School of Art and Galileo USAC University. Also participate the Municipality of Guatemala, the School of Painting Frida Kahlo and organization Yaxs.

Researchers Rosa Maria Alvarez, Osberto Urquizú Fernando Gomez and paid tribute to his colleague and friend the historian Haroldo Rodas, who died last year. Later Frida Dr. Morales presented the topic "Panorama of children's literature" and the exhibition "Publications of children's literature" opened, in the lobby of the theater.

On Wednesday 3, The program of activities includes the presentation of the "Virtual Census Artists", a table about "Dance, children and youth "and the forum" Artistic Research, childhood and systematization of educational and psychosocial experiences ". They also discussed the topics "Research and musical education", "History of child pictorial art in Guatemala" and "Artistic research and formal education". Besides the discussion group "Ruben Dario will take place, a hundred years after his death ".

The 4 August, to 10:30 the special conference "Factors that motivate a person to create a venture in os sectors of the creative economy" will take place and there will be a meeting of artisan weavers and Brazilian expert in Latin American design and cultural undertakings.

In the afternoon, se presentarán las mesas “Infancia, art and social imaginary ", "History of art", in addition to the conference "The Gucumatz in person" and "The Shape of Things". The closing ceremony will include the premiere of musical pieces of the nineteenth century, Lorenzo Morales Aguilar, played by Hugo Arenas, Director of the National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara".

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