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List Inidicativa

List Inidicativa

A Tentative List is an inventory of goods that each State Party intends to consider for nomination in subsequent years.

It encourages States Parties to submit on your list the properties that are considered cultural and / or natural heritage of outstanding universal value, therefore, suitable for inscription on the World Heritage List.

States parties must prepare their Tentative Lists with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, including site managers, local and regional governments, local communities, NGOs and other stakeholders and partners.

States parties should submit the list, should not be considered exhaustive, World Heritage Centre, preference, at least, one year before the filing of any proposal. The States Parties are encouraged to review and submit their Tentative List at least every ten years.

States parties should submit their lists using a presentation format indicative list, English French. This format includes the name of the properties, geographical location, a brief description of the properties, and the justification for its outstanding universal value.

The nomination to the World Heritage List will not be considered unless the nominated property has already been listed by the State party in the indicative list.

UNESCO Tentative List proposed by the State of Guatemala

State party: Guatemala
Last Version: 23/09/2002
Documents: 18 Properties


Lists of all States Parties, submitted in accordance with the Operational Guidelines. Outside 185 States Parties to the Convention, 164 have submitted an indicative list.

The name of the property listed in the language in which it was submitted by the State Party.

  • The Cultural Triangle (23/09/2002)
  • The Mirador Basin (23/09/2002)
  • The core of the Mayan Zone (23/09/2002)
  • La Ruta de Los Rios (23/09/2002)
  • Naj Cave Tunich (23/09/2002)
  • The Mayan Encounter Olmecan (23/09/2002)
  • Franciscan evangelization Road (23/09/2002)
  • Path of Evangelization of Dominique (23/09/2002)
  • Path of Peace and National Identity (23/09/2002)
  • Castillo de San Felipe de Lara (23/09/2002)
  • Route of agribusiness and Victorian architecture (23/09/2002)
  • City of Chichicastenango (23/09/2002)
  • Green Route of Verapaz, Guatemala (23/09/2002)
  • Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve (23/09/2002)
  • Sierra del Lacandon National Park (23/09/2002)
  • Mangroves roads of Guatemala Pacific Coast (23/09/2002)
  • Protected area of ​​Lake Atitlán: Purpose (23/09/2002)
  • Visio Diggings National Park and Ixil Triangle vernacular architecture (23/09/2002)

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