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Above 45 artists in one gallery

Not often is fortunate to have more than 45 visual artists in one gallery. This actually happened on Wednesday 12 June at the opening of the Group II Group exhibition Anexus held at School of Visual Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla" (ENAP).


The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sr. Leandro Yax; the academic director and managing director of the ENAP, Sr. Otto Arana y Sra. Irma Luz Amparo; the group representative Anexus, Sr. Byron Rhodes and teacher Pablo Tobar Henry, to whom is dedicated the sample.


The Deputy Yax was commissioned to inaugurate the exhibition. In his speech showed gratitude to the artists whose work strengthens the aesthetic values ​​of society. He ended his speech by saying that "art is a mechanism for change in our country".

The group representative, Byron codas, said the goal of its creation is conglomerar various representatives of Guatemalan art and find new spaces to exhibit their work through collective. For his part, Otto Director Arana said the activity contributes to students' academic, that are reflected in the exhibitors, many of whom are masters of ENAP

The master Pablo Tobar offered a message to students attending the opening. Expressed: "Art comes from a higher inspiration and the artist is only one creative instrument. Therefore, they must be careful in their professional work ". Among the exhibitors are: July Elfego Alvarado, Andrea Walls, Ricardo Lopez, Rosa Maria Interiano, Lettuce and Evelyn William Peace Soraya.


There may be additional genres as painting plastic, recorded, sculpture, photography and drawing. The exhibition is open until Wednesday 26 June. Admission is free from Monday to Friday, of 11 a 18 hours.

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