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Ministry of Culture and Sports strengthens cultural industry


The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Directorate General of Cultural and Capacity Development Cultures performed yarn delivery in the municipality of San Ildefonso Ixtahuacàn, Huehuetenango.

This release was to provide a 188 women weavers of the linguistic community mam thread cultural industry to strengthen their communities and also the department to safeguard and promote the expressions of culture.

With this we want to foster entrepreneurship of women weavers to promote the use of regional clothing as an expression of their identity and turn them self sustainable.

Rigoberto Garcia of the Cultural Development said "the wires have been the legacy of generations of weavers who through the progeny contributed to the development of ancient techniques that have enabled it during the time this valuable art. As has provided the support necessary to revalue the clothing as one of the most valuable elements of our identity "

This activity was attended by heads of household, women committed to promoting the diversity of cultural expressions through the tissues, young entrepreneurs in the town belonging to the Association Aj-I'tzal Maya Mam, Natividad Perez, President of the association emphasized the gratitude that these women will have the Ministry of Culture and Sports for supporting culture and cultural industries in the town.

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