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Ministry promotes Cultural Industries

industrial culturales_1521
industrial culturales_1521

A visit for cultural industries in San Juan la Laguna, Solola, made this day Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, this juntamente with the Asociación Imagine The World, are supporting the initiatives of cultural promotion holding the municipal communities.

Representatives 17 cultural associations of the town, through the Business Center, met with the Rija'tzuulNa'ooj Viceministraen library (Seeds of Wisdom), to publicize the activities that have been carried.

The 17 associations working mainly in:

1.- Fabrics: Loom Loom waistband and Pie

2.- Paintings Gallery: Oil paintings and other techniques in demonstration

3.- Community Tourism: Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism (Maya Posadas)

4.- Business center: Advising on business

5.- Ancestral Medicine: European paper records in Maya medical knowledge and development of natural products for daily use

6.- Murals: Promoting more 50 Township murals, evoking cultural meanings, spiritual, culinary and medicinal locality, its size is about 3×2 Mts.

7.- Agribusiness: Coffee processing, main crop of the town.

Towards New Markets

The Business Center of San Juan la Laguna looking through Cultural Industries, offer variety of products in foreign markets like the U.S., via digital catalogs online.

The foray into a new market, involves certain challenges like lack of foreign language in this case English, illiteracy of some members of organized groups and economic investment capacity, inter alia.

For his part, Promigrantes Association supports the development of cultural industries with the opening of new markets for Guatemalan farmers and at the same time is proposing a new business model that generates higher profits for Guatemalan businessmen. The model is: First selling and then produce, which is to offer and sell the product through an online catalog.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports supports this community with the development of a documentary and a TV spot to promote the town and its craft production. Likewise, the Directorate-General of Arts provided training for members of the 17 organized groups on the importance of Cultural Industries.

The Culture, engine of development!

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