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Minister of Culture and Sports presents project Re-Create More

Authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, headed by the Minister Dwight Pezzarossi, They made the public presentation of the project Re-Create More, which promotes, in the Guatemalan population, healthy use of leisure time and the strengthening of social values ​​for better living.

The unveiling of this program was made on Monday 16 March at the Banquet Hall of the National Palace. The official said the project has a high projection to different sectors of Guatemalan society. Among its objectives is to strengthen the values ​​of excellence, Friendship, respect and universality. It is also based on human principles such as honesty, peace and nationalism.

The project will be implemented in three axes which are:

Fut more: is based on the training of departmental and municipal leaders, sports promoters and volunteers on the basis of football. Among its dynamics is the President Cup II that will target children aged 9 and 12 years old.

Move More: aims to reach more Guatemalans through physical activity. It will work based on aerobic, dancing and Tai-chi, and will be aimed at people belonging to female sectors, labor and elderly. A national championship Maya Ballgame be promoted.

Embark more: physical space will be given to social organizations to strengthen and promote citizen participation. Entrepreneurship trainings and workshops will be given to promoting community development.

Re-Create More is to consolidate efforts for a better Guatemala citizens, girls, children and youth in sport, promoters, volunteers, trained coaches, more people involved in the sport, physical activity and positive action to generate a culture of peace in the nation.

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