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Notes symphonic work of art

Homenaje sarmientos1020062
Homenaje sarmientos1020062

With a lump in my throat and memories that remain forever on the life and work of master Jorge Sarmientos, First exhibition called "Naked flowers Orchestral and Symphonic" opened, work done by the masters of the plastic, Jorge Corleto y Julio Ajín, as a posthumous tribute to the master Sarmientos.

In the work placed over 20 bottom boxes symphonic notes, bearing the rhythm of the music entitled "Second movement for marimba and orchestra concert # 1”, a visual of the work that the teacher wrote Jorge life Sarmientos.

This noble activity took place at the National School of Plastic Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla" ENAP, in Showroom "Enrique Acuña". The inauguration was chaired by Otto Arana, Administrative Director of the ENAP, Amparo Toledo, Artistic Director, Mario Caxaj, Artistic Training Director of Arts and Jorge Sarmientos, son of the honoree.

Homenaje sarmientos P1020063

The musician marimbista, Fernando Vasquez, that ran the concert marimba # 1 Sarmientos teacher, by the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala, reprized the same concert, this time with the string quartet "World Vision Orchestra" and guest soloists as Gaby Corleto in Victor Hugo Flute and Percussion, giving, a magical touch to the afternoon of Tuesday.

The fusion of music that enriches the painting is two different worlds, a two human arts, where they play musical notes and the art that makes this exhibition a tribute to the master Sarmientos ", Express Otto Spider, Director of the ENAP.

The night was laying by the story of Jorge Sarmientos son, Igor thanking his sister for the support they gave to support the notes, allowing remain captured in a picture. I thank those who made this iconic exhibition and recall the memory of my father ... my mother thank you for joining in the activity, Jorge said Sarmientos.

Homenaje sarmientosP1020105

The exhibition will be open from 13 August to 4 September, in time 13 a 18 hours, in the Art Gallery "Enrique Acuña" the ENAP, located inside the National Theatre, Admission is free.

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