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Tuesday 9 this month in the Hall Cloister "Rigoberta Menchú" the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, national athlete and motivator Juan Carlos Sagastume, gave a lecture to high impact staff working in the Vice.

The Union of Cultural and Natural Heritage and the Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage were the organizers of this event. Deputy Minister, Rosa Maria Chan welcomed the athletes and thanked his visit with a brief biography and major achievements.

Juan Carlos Sagastume studied hotel, profession who currently lives and served as a gateway to the world of extreme competence. He has represented Guatemala in survival and endurance marathons worldwide that are performed in locations and under extreme weather conditions.

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Sagastume posee varios Palmares, including being the first Latin American to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, voyage that lasted 64 days. His philosophy is to fulfill your dreams, which shares through motivational lectures have taken him to several countries especially in Latin America.

Guatemalan Vice ultramarathoner invited workers to realize their dreams, and stressed that any goal requires sacrifice but nothing compares to the satisfaction of achieving the goals and proudly put the name of Guatemala up.

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