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Presented the documentary "The Flight of Azacuán"

In a formal ceremony performed in the classroom “Luis Cardoza y Aragón” Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala, the presentation of the documentary was made Guatemalan "Flight of Azacuán". The event held on 25 August, It was attended by the Vice Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos and was organized by the national film school and production Casa Comal.

This audiovisual participated in the documentary competition conducted by the DOC-TV network and was the winner in Guatemala. It lasts 60 minutes according to its makers, deals with human mobility and migration in Huehuetenango and Ixcán, Quiche. With its implementation seeks to explore and document, migration processes that have taken to the region as its center Ixcán, This in turn represents a transcendent chapter in the history of the country.

Castellanos Vice Minister attended as invited to the event and during his speech said that the Ministry of Culture and Sports is welcome participation Guatemala DOC-TV in Latin America. He also thanked the allies in this effort, USAC TV and Casa Comal, and the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala.

The representative of the Ministry of Culture of the documentary filmmaker congratulated Rafael González and expressed his appreciation for this national production of great importance.

The DOC-TV network is a strategic alliance of public television broadcasting authorities and, currently consists of sixteen Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Perà º, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and Guatemala. Its main objectives are the encouragement of cultural and economic exchange between Latin American countries; the implementation of integrated public policies to promote the production and broadcasting of documentaries in the countries of the region and the promotion of cultural production in Latin American countries in the world market.

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