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Perform Meeting with Spirit Guides


The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, conducted the Third Meeting of the Council of Spiritual Guides, the 05 to the 07 August in a hotel in the area 1.

The purpose of this meeting was to provide a forum for analysis and discussion of the role to be played by the National Spiritual Guides and define under what rules should govern based on the consensus of the participants and ancestral knowledge. The activity was performed with 13 spiritual leaders from different linguistic areas of the country.

The "First National Spiritual Guides", was held from 19 to the 21 October of the year 2012, as part of the commemoration of Oxlajuj B'aqtun. It is in this activity where the Council is created Spirit Guides, composed 13 Member.

In 2013 the "Second Meeting of Spirit Guides" was held. That same year, Three meetings are also held with members of the Board of Spiritual Guides, forming previously 2012. Throughout the year 2014, Council meetings were held in Spirit Guides, in order to create spaces for discussion and exchange of scientific knowledge and ancestral.

This third meeting with spirit guides, seeks, among other things, analyze planning "Third National Spiritual Guides", to be held in the coming months.

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