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Reforest sports centers under the Ministry of Culture and Sports

reforestacion centros deportivos WA0021
reforestacion centros deportivos WA0021

The park currently Erick Bernabé Barrondo reforestation work continues, activity that is under the Department of Sport and Recreation. The "Reforesting our Parks" is by architect Carlos Meza, having as main objective the planting of trees of different species recovery and conservation of green areas, and the creation of live fences or barriers and perimeter.

During the last year and this native species planted as common cypress, magnolia and sweetgum. Reforestation of the parks has been supported students of different sports academies, Schools and colleges, and the visit of officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and its different administrative units.

The park Erick Barrondo, is in the second phase of reforestation. It is in this park where it has a nursery of different species and more than two thousand trees to be planted.

"In the second phase is completed planting 210 Cypress trees common type, to finish creating the live fences or barriers and perimeter ", Architect says Meza.

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