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Mames San Marcos Representatives elect their delegates to the CODEDE

New representatives of the linguistic community Mam before the Departmental Development Council (CODEDE) San Marcos were elected by the citizens of that department mames. The ceremony was held in the Hall of the Interior Department, to give compliance as indicated by national laws on rural and urban development.

During the activity was elected principal representative Carmelinda Thomas Nelson Pérez and as a substitute Bernardo Mendez Maximino. They will be responsible for promoting the development of Mam area in this department and ensure compliance with legal norms.

According Councils Act Rural and Urban Development and its corresponding regulations, the Ministry of Culture and Sports gave accompaniment, updating and coordinating the election of the representatives of the different language communities in the country. On behalf of this portfolio participated Ana Francisca Pérez, Technical Director of Citizen Participation and a small delegation.

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