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Restoration of the Temple II Tikal National Park, contributes to the conservation of Guatemalan heritage


Some details of the Temple II.

Built circa 700 d.C. makes approximately one thousand 300 years old, II Temple or Temple of the Masks, located in Tikal National Park, open to visitors again after its restoration culminated, which was in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Temple II was built by the ruler Chan Jasaw Kawiil, as a memorial to his wife Lachan Uneh'Mo 'or Lady 12 Macaw Tails. The wooden lintel was carved inside the temple, where you see the lady richly dressed and bejeweled Lachan, is the evidence for this assertion.

Of 41 meters high and located in front of Temple I forming the Gran Plaza, Temple II gets the nickname Temple of the Masks, by masks decorating the frieze and cresting temple. On the crest there was a face of approximately 6 meters high was believed Mrs. Lachan 12 queues Macaw.

This is the second time that the Temple II is restored with a time of about 18 months of work. The first restoration was done in the 1960's by the University of Pennsylvania.

The restoration of the Temple II was directed by archaeologist Miguel Acosta, aided by the archaeologist Leonel Seizze and supervised by the restorer, Enrique Monterroso; with the support of three bricklayers cartoonists nine Archaeology Unit of the Technical Unit of Tikal National Park.

Personal del Parque Nacional Tikal realizó los trabajos de restauración del Templo II.

Tikal National Park staff performed the restoration work of the Temple II.

The completed work was delivered on Tuesday 28 January, in ceremony in Tikal National Park and presented to the authorities of the MCD. María Rosa Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural, addition to thanking the people involved in this restoration, said that you have to highlight the effort and dedication that made this work, financed by funds from the revenue generated by the park.

The park manager, Mario Reynoso, delivered the finished work to the authorities. Oscar Mora Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage, highlighted the dedicated people who contributed to this work, restoration and conservation of National Heritage and expressed satisfaction with the good administration is making funds generated by the park.


Were restored 52 square meters of the masks that decorate the building and 288 square meters of floors. Were included in the project, building a new wooden staircase, to climb the temple back, the staircase was designed by architect Nicté Mazariegos, Unit Public Use and conducted by the Unit team Carpentry Tikal National Park, under the direction of Mario and Quixchan 11 Attendees.

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