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SAN Antonio de Padua

Theft Report.


Date of Theft: 22 November 2006.

Place of Theft: Iglesia Católica de San Agustín Acasaguastlán. Department of El Progreso.

Object Type: Sculpture

Material: wood

Dimensions: Stop: 64 cms. Width: 27 cms.

Title: SAN Antonio de Padua

Topic: Religious

Time: Hispanic

Period: XVIII Century

Author: Anonymous

Register: no number

DESCRIPTION: Religious sculpture in polychrome wood carving depicting a male character wearing blue clothes down to her feet. The waist has a knotted tie falls to the front edge of the dress. It has separate arms of the body and slightly extended forward. Lacks left hand. The face is forward and has top skinhead. Another particular detail what your right foot is more advanced than the left. The clothing at the time of the robbery was painted blue.

Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 121


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