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San Jerónimo penitente

Theft Report



Date of Theft: 12 May 2011

Place of Theft: St. Christopher Catholic Church Acasaguastlán. The Progress, Guatemala

Object Type: Religious sculpture

Material: Wood

Dimensions: high 64.5 cms. width 31.5 cms.

Title: San Jerónimo penitente

Topic: Religious

Time: Hispanic

Period: XVIII Century

Author: Anonymous

Style: Baroque


Sculpture carved polychrome wood representing St. Jerome Penitente. The saint is kneeling, beating his breast with a stone hand holding left (described from the point of view of the observer). It lacks the right arm, glass has small eyes, straight nose and small mouth. Canned stew mantle intact in the back, with gilded and punched flowers on red sgraffito. In this part of the sculpture has a missing. The waist is small and muscular thighs. The mantle is held on the right shoulder (observer standpoint) and covers the front left thigh. Presents fracture damage in the chest, with a crack that descends from the shoulder to the loin cloth and goes up to the neck. The stone is hand assembled to the arm and chest.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Register: 2-5-2-2

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 157



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