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San Marcos is full of Music, Arts and Culture

Today 26 September officially opened the "Festival of Cultures and Sport", organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the organization of Latin American States, activity that takes place for the second year in the departmental capital of San Marcos.

From the early hours of the day students basic private educational institutions and public sector primary and, gathered in the "Quetzal Hall" to begin with artistic activities, musical and cultural.

With a singing contest and one of poetry I start the festival with the participation of girls, children and young people from the provincial capital and surrounding communities. The winners of each contest will be handed a diploma for their participation and a trophy of recognition.

In the central park of the department by an integrated "culture makers" craft market and master craftsmen from various departments of our country was installed, in which display their products which are for sale.

Dr. Alfredo Tay Coyoy Arts Director of MCD, was commissioned to inaugurate the festival, Tay Coyoy addressed the audience and said it is a great satisfaction for the Ministry of Culture and Sports to contribute to the strengthening of Culture and Art for the traditions and national identity in this department has been affected not miss by different natural disasters.
The degree of Moraga Eugenia OEI representative in our country, indicated that this festival is the result of work performed willingly and coordinated with the MCD and other civic organizations and departmental, while inviting the inhabitants of the department to attend activities with effort and dedication will be held over the weekend in this town.

For this afternoon has scheduled a dance contest, the presentation of the Marimba Music Conservatory of San Marcos and to conclude the day's activities Guatemalan film "The Cow" will be screened in the "Quetzal Hall". The festival will continue the weekend and admission to the event is completely free.


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