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Socialize the National Policy for Women Development

The Presidential Secretariat for Women SEPREM performed 21 August at the National Palace of Culture, a workshop with directors and directors of administrative and technical areas of the Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD, to socialize the National Policy for the Promotion and Integral Development of Women and the Equality of Opportunity Plan 2008-2023.

Public policies are the responses of the State or public authority given to the needs of the governed, as standards, institutions, performance, public goods or services. SEPREM's work is very important to go driving changes in favor of women, said Ivette González, Deputy Director of Public Policy.

It seeks to operationalize the plan opportunity 2008-20023 to achieve the full development of women, in educational, cultural and labor, inter alia, He pointed Liza Pineda, Education Coordinator SEPREM.

The MCD is in the process of launching a Women's Directorate, said Carlos Batzin, Minister. For women claim that the secretariat is promoting in the country, delegated Minister Liliana Murga, General Directorate of Arts and Mary Eustaquia Hernandez, of the Cultural Development.

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"Our work is focused on 2 lines, The first is that our actions will benefit women in general because the MCD has that power to serve Guatemalans on culture and on the other hand, generate structures that the ministry will be better prepared and have better representation, since women are as capable as men ", affirm the Minister.

On the other hand, Quiroa Elizabeth said she and her crew, are highly committed to promoting policies that favor women at the institutional level, which results in the national. He added that this policy recognizes the multicultural and multilingual character of Guatemala and that is very important to resume the activity of women.

Culture, engine of development!

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