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Let's eat!! 15Th International Art Exhibition for Children and Youth in Finlanda


What kind of food you eat at home? What kind of habits and rituals are involved in food? Where and how food is produced and made ? How does the food, the smell and taste like ? How to represent the characteristics and traditions of the culture of food in their own environment , Family, school or town home?


We invite children and youth around the world to participate in the 15 Th International Art Exhibition for Children and Youth. The theme is food. It can be freely interpreted and treated in various ways to the culture of the participants , environment and individual ideas arising . The person inviting and organizing exhibition is the Art Centre for Children and Youth in Hyvinkää , Finland.


The 15th International Exhibition will be held at Villa Arttu Cultural Centre for Children and Youth in Hyvinkää 29.10 . -14.12.2014 , And in the International Cultural Centre in Helsinki Caisa early 2015 . Submitted works will be reviewed by a working group composed of renowned artists and arts educators. The artwork for the exhibition will be selected from the following age categories : under 7 years old , 7-9 years old, 10 -12 years old , 13 -15 years 16 -18 years old . Medals and diplomas will be otorgados in each category.


WORK SUBMITTED NOT BE RETURNED . All works will join the International Archive of Art Center for Children and Youth.

If the author of the work is minor , an adult should be responsible ( father, master or the like). The copyright of the work is given to Art Center for Children and Youth in Hyvinkää as that;
1 ) artwork can be included in the file of children and young people the art of maintaining the Art Center for Children and Youth ,
2 ) the artwork in the file can be used for research , teaching and exhibitions ,
3 ) the artwork can be used for the Art Center for Children and Youth Websites . Otherwise, copyright, including marketing, stays with the manufacturer .

The adult caretaker is responsible for the content of the video / photography and the work does not affect other copyrighted materials ( for example, music ) . Also , adult caretaker is responsible for all identifiable persons appearing in the video / Photograph agreeing to the work presented publicly . The guardians of minors who appear in the video / Photo must be in accordance with the work presented publicly .


Works of art of paper-based

• The artwork must not be framed.

• Techniques : drawings , paintings, graphics, photographs, comics , etc.

• The maximum size is 42 x 60 cm.

• A person work . Schools and groups may submit a maximum of 10 works.

• A copy of the registration form must be attached to the back of each work of art , and filled with the required data . The printable registration form ( pdf) can be found here . The form can be filled on a computer can be found here .

• Entries must be mailed to arrive before 31 May 2014 : Art Center for Children and Youth , Kankurinkatu 4-6, BE- 05800 Hyvinkää , Finland

digital artwork

• Digital video works can be , animations, digital photographs or other images. In the videos of the issue of food can be treated as , for example, a story or a documentary.
• The works of digital art, for example, photographs , will not print . The works are displayed in digital format.

• Supported file types : jpg , png , gif , mov , avi , wmv , mp4

• Duration: max 3 min

• Permitted file size : max 100 MB

• A digital artwork / participant or group work . Schools and groups can send in a maximum of 10 works.

• To load the digital material code is required. Get the code to your email by registering here . Need the code when the application form is sent .

• Registration and loading is done by filling out the online form . Make sure the form is filled out with care. You can upload a digital artwork in the form.

For more information and registration form submission to enter: www.artcentre.fi

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