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This word means sinner in K'iche '. It is the day of sinners. This day is dedicated to apologize for the sins and sinners. It is the day dedicated to the dead. Sin is a column of smoke that blinds us into the presence of God. Our ancestors dijieron: "That sin is an offense that is made directly to God. Disbelieve, not serve, not praise the Heart of Heaven, the heart of the Earth. Mak is an offense against God and Wuqub’ qak'ix the offense is prójimo ".

Ajmaq: It is the day we can not see, day of the dead. On the strength that gives us the story of our past. It is also the day of reckoning when we are acting in accordance with the teachings they gave us. It is the day of the anger of the dead. (BEA)

"Ajmaq not a bad day. It is a day for forgiveness for sins. Are the days in which we pray for protection, these days as one can expect to get, damage for their sins or bad thoughts.

Ajmaq: is death at home, natural death by disease, quiet death. On that day we speak with the dead, is to ask for forgiveness in the case of sinners. (T2)

It means:

  • Purify the spirit of the dead and living
  • Day to commemorate the dead
  • Forgiveness for our sins

Meaning Key: Authority and Status.


  • To ask God for the soul of grandparents
  • Let us heal every disease and suffering
  • Strengthen us materially and spiritually, ask for the dead in the battle to defend its people
  • To ask forgiveness for not committing the same sins
  • To remove spirits that we have sent to hurt us
  • To remove slanderers and hexes that lead us to vices
  • To avoid thieves and liars

It is:In the pit of the stomach.

  • It has wisdom, intelligence
  • Good memory
  • Very brave
  • It facilitates the Dialogue
  • Prudent, discrete
  • Good teachers and counselors
  • Very outgoing
  • It's deep
  • It's serious
  • Realistic
  • Preacher
  • Communicative
  • Sinner
  • In love
  • Alcoholic
  • Destroyers of inheritance
  • Liars
  • Famed
  • Resentful
  • Thief
  • Adulterer
  • Cold and insensitive
  • Minimize feelings of others
  • Interested in authority and social and political position

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