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Archaeology Lectures

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Since last 29 July started at the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology the lecture entitled "Archaeology Talks", in which participating experts on Maya archeology.

The completion of the lecture 2014 it is an achievement derivative effort they have made together the MUNAE and colleagues, MCD speakers and all participants.

The "Archaeology Talks" are developed by national and international experts who throughout his career has been devoted to the study of Maya archeology and culture, in their presentations disclose the most recent results and progress of their research.

The intention of carrying out these conferences or lectures, according to Daniel Aquino Director MUNAE, is to strengthen the knowledge that so far have of the Mayan Civilization, making available to the general public updated information and proposed new theories based on studies of the speakers and.

These meetings are held on the premises of MUNAE Tuesdays every fortnight from the 18:00 hours, Admission is free and phonebook information of the lecture can be found on the website of MCD, www.mcd.gob.gt or by writing to Mail info@munae.gob.gt.

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