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David Unger figure at the top of Guatemalan literature

On Monday 8 September the news spread that the Guatemalan writer David Unger was selected as the new National Literature Prize "Miguel Angel Asturias". The Advisory Council for Lyrics, evaluated the work of the artist settled in America for years and has written about the country of his birth.

Unger was born in Guatemala City in 1950. Five years later, his parents decided to migrate to the United States. The writer has developed his works in English, but do not leave aside the Guatemalan culture, that despite being away at it physical, it is not intellectually and emotionally. Different facets of being Guatemalan and cultural aspects of life are evident in this country.

In their literature, publications are as "The Price of Escape" (2013), "To me you're Divina" (2011), "It is of a Limonada" (2009) and "Living in the Damn Tropics" (2004), inter alia.

Currently Unger, he serves as a professor at a university in New York, where she teaches translation. Also, has conducted performances of several works into English Guatemalan authors.

The Advisory Council Bills Ministry of Culture and Sports is made by the Director-General of Arts, Alfredo Tay Coyoy; Editorial Chief Culture, Francisco Morales Santos; Chief Support Creativity, Javier Payet and renowned writers Gerardo Guinea, Luis Méndez Salinas, Chavez and Delia Rosa Quinonez.

The National Prize for Literature "Miguel Angel Asturias" is the highest award given by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to an author for lifetime achievement and contribution to Guatemalan literature. In its issue 2013, This award was presented to Victor Muñoz.

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