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Delia Quinonez, "The lady of the word" received the National Prize of Literature "Miguel Angel Asturias" 2016


Surrounded by his family, friends and colleagues, Quinonez writer Delia received from the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Chea Urruela, the National Prize of Literature "Miguel Angel Asturias". During the ceremony held in the Hall of Flags National Palace of Culture, Tuesday 18 October, the author was the subject of recognition of the artistic community in the country.

In his acceptance speech, said: "Today, this time it is light for me for its multiple meanings, I remember that first blank page and reiterate my belief in the power of words and the need to search to explain the world, transform, invent or to provoke reflection, to understand the here and now that we live ". He also stressed the importance of governments to invest in culture and showed his excitement for receiving the highest literary award in the country.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Chea Urruela, He said his satisfaction to be able to deliver this award, which is provided with Q50 thousand and indicated that the prize for Quiñónez, it constitutes an act of vindication. "Saca of oblivion, no solo a Delia, sino a una generación de artistas y escritores guatemaltecos que tuvieron el destino de vivir y escribir en una de las épocas más turbulentas de este país.

Ana María Valdeavellano Pinot, who he was elected by Quiñónez for his commendation, he referred to it as "The Lady of the word" and highlighted not only some of its many achievements, but also, the sensibility, according says, la hace “inevitablemente una poeta”. “Valdeavellano, he softened his speech with fragments of poems of the honored artist.delia-quinones-premio-nacional-de-literatura-2016-2

Among the public who witnessed the ceremony were the descendants of Miguel Angel Asturias, Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1967. The event celebrated this day is done under the writer's birth, who was born on 19 October 1899.

Among the academic titles include being honored Master, graduate of Central Normal Institute (INCA); Profesora Magna Cum Laude de Enseñanza Media en Lengua, Francisco Marroquin University and graduated cum laude in Literature, of the Universidad del Valle.

Valdeavallano emphasized that Quinonez is full member of the Guatemalan Academy of Language, It belongs to the Association of Women Journalists and co-founded the group "New Star". He is also founder of the National Exhibition of Watercolor, Cultural Association of Guatemala and the Guatemalan Foundation for Literature.

Entre los premios que ha recibido se encuentran la Orden Vicenta Laparra de la Cerda y la Orden María Antonieta Somoza. She was named Distinguished Vecina by the Municipality of Guatemala. In 1989 Nations magazine named Artist of the Year, He has been honored several times by the Floral Games of Quetzaltenango.

Al honrar a la escritora Delia Quiñónez con el Premio Nacional de Literatura, the Ministry of Culture and Sports fulfills the mission of exalting the intellectual values ​​of the country.

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