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Waste of talent in Song and Poetry Festival Kaqchikel

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, inaugurated the 26 May the "Festival of Song and Poetry in Kaqchikel language" on-site community room of Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Sacatepéquez.

The activity was attended by students from the Calvary EORM, National Institute of Basic Education-INEB-, Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta Day and Evening College Santo Domingo.

El sworn qualifier estuvo integrated by Juan José Chiriz Cuat, Maya Kaqchikel speaker and advisor to the Ministry of Culture and Sports; Fernando Scheel, producer, composer, Guatemalan singer and arranger José Isabel Puz, degree in pedagogy. To pick the winners, the jury assessed some criteria in the area of ​​edge: tuning, timbre, presentation and interpretation. In like manner, criteria to qualify for the round of poetry were: Memorization, pronunciation, posture and movement, inter alia.

In the area of ​​singing, the winners were: First, Noah Nehemías Aquino García de la EORM Day-Evening-; Second, Marcelita Marisol del-INEB Chubay – and third E.O.R.M Children's Choir. Calvary.

For his part, winners were poetic branch: Mirsi Maybelin Bacajol Chile del -I.N.E.B.-; Maribel Choc-Boj Colegio Santo Domingo- Vilma and the Mercedes Poz E.O.R.M. Calvary, with the first, second and third respectively.

The official awards ceremony will take place next 21 July in the capital city, where they will be presented with trophies and certificates to the winners of the Festival credited.

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