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Kite Day in the Park Erick Barrondo

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IMG-20121111-00363 copy

The Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation cordially invited to the celebration of the Keg, to be held on Sunday 10 November in the park Erick Barrondo (old park Democracy), from the 8:00 in the morning.

The agenda for Thursday includes recreational activities, arts and leisure. The morning schedule is aimed at children, includes a show of mimes and clowns, group presentations and Very Special Arts Youth Marimba San Juan Sacatepequez. In the afternoon, are aimed at young adult audiences with artistic performances of soloists and Guatemalan groups ", Patricia Morales was reported, Vice Chief of Parks and Recreation Sports.

DJ Mandy, Kim Lou, Cinthia y La Arana Saga, are some of the artists who will be present at the celebration of the Keg.

During the activity and support for the initiative of the "Pact Zero Hunger", invites Guatemalans to work with food, which will be delivered to affected communities within the country. Contributions may be beans, rice, pasta or any other non-perishable food and receive the park entrance Erick Barrondo.

Recreation: Make use of free time to select healthy activity that will bring happiness.


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