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Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage


The General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage is the substantive body that corresponds to generate proposals and institutional actions that target the implementation of national cultural policies and the scope of its competence the National Cultural Development Plan long term; create, strategies and mechanisms for the protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage, country's tangible and intangible.

Also coordinate, monitor and evaluate development programs designed to locate, locate, investigate, rescue, protect, registrar, restore, preserve and promote tangible movable or immovable, natural intangibles that make up the cultural and natural heritage of the nation, within a framework of recognition and respect for cultural diversity with ethnic and gender equity, promoting multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence for sustainable human development.

Under national and international laws of matter, prevent modification, deterioration, destruction and illegal exit from national territory of objects, documents, creations and testimonies of national culture. Also avoid contamination or predation environment within which parks are located, archaeological sites and sacred sites, without prejudice to any action that, in the latter, play other ministries or institutions of the State.

Its main functions are:

Based on institutional policies and planning guidelines, schedule and perform actions to exert a decentralized administration of the functions of study, research, register, protection, rescue, conservation restoration, promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage, Natural e Intangible, through, the use of resources and physical infrastructure of the Ministry, through coordination with other state agencies or to contribute to this purpose.

Promote awareness of the cultural heritage of Guatemala, for the purpose of showing the genesis of plural history and evolution of its multiculturalism and thus contribute to the strengthening of the culture of peace.

Ensure the conservation and proper management of natural heritage where they are manifestations of cultural heritage, with the aim of contributing to sustainable human development.

Carry out building support, and maintenance, strengthening and development of museums and agencies that protect literary and documentary heritage of the country that are fundamental means of conservation and wide dissemination of cultural heritage.

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