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Directorate General of Heritage and Indigenous Municipality of Chichicastenango Sign Agreement

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage signed a cooperation agreement with the Municipality Indigenous Municipality of Santo Tomas Chichicastenango Quiché Department, Tuesday 7 August 2012; with efforts to unify technical, administrative and legal protection, protection and preservation of the assets belonging to the National Cultural Heritage and the Maya K'iche legacy; including restoration work on the Catholic church and convent of the municipality in question.

Dirección General de Patrimonio y Municipalidad Indígena de Chichicastenango Firman Convenio

Directorate General of Heritage and Indigenous Municipality of Chichicastenango Sign Agreement

During his visit, the Deputy Rosa Maria Chan oversaw the restoration work carried out in the church and convent of Santo Tomas. According to Manuel Xiloj, second scribe of the Municipality of St. Thomas Chuwilá maya, took advantage of the visit of the official to show one of the treasures of the community: the true copy of the original Popol Vuh, which was granted by the Museum of New Barry in Chicago.

The Holy Temple is the most important Tomas Chichicastenango, it is visited not only by Catholics but also by leaders of Mayan culture, is a spiritual center K'iché. According to local authorities are coordinating the diagnosis of the museum and work jointly to revalue.

Under the agreement, the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage is committed to providing technical support and human resources consisting of: a master of work, two workers and three pawns, to implement and monitor the work of restoration of the temple and monastery. Also agrees to provide on loan parts metal scaffolds that are necessary to be used for the intervention of the maintenance and restoration, in turn is obliged to appoint a restoration professional, to monitor all work in coordination with the Municipality Indigenous.

The Indigenous Municipality Municipality of Santo Tomas is committed to the conservation ancestrally, restoration and rehabilitation of the building occupied by the church and convent, respecting the studies, technical specifications, counseling and supervision professionals engaged in 7 restoration of cultural property from the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage. The term of the agreement starts from the signing of the same by the parties and ends 31 December this year, which can be extended at the request of any party to 30 days prior to its expiration. May be terminated when one of the parties that signed, in writing by, Will either one of them or by mutual consent, thirty days in advance.

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