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The Guatemala National Choir

It was officially founded on 9 November 1966 by President of the Republic, Bachelor Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro. He declared a National Cultural Heritage by Decree number 29-93 of Congress. This outstanding group has influenced important artistic activities of national and international. During the forty-two years of existence has been established as the official state choir, administered by the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The choral activities in Guatemala has had prominence at various times, from Colonial times to the present history.

In 1935 initiated the "National Conservatory Choir" led by Professor Pedro Pineda, who made presentations and occasional live concerts and radio, supported by the National Radio Guatemala TGW. In 1942 the teacher Oscar Romero Vargas joined with students from the School of Music Education, amateur singing and teachers, a choir Coro acquired the name of Guatemala. In 1944 fue approved as civil association, and obtained a grant through the government of Dr. Juan Jose Arevalo.

The motivation for national recognition in the members created a commitment to Guatemalan society and encouraged them to improve their academic and vocal. This earned him represent Guatemala in overseas activities. The first performances abroad were in El Salvador and Costa Rica. In 1,954 National Choir became part of the artistic groups of the State. With this new direction, Choir joined the Ballet Guatemala Guatemala and the National Symphony Orchestra, State agencies also, to present contemporary works, as the case of German Carmina Burana Carl Orff, whose first season was in August and November 1962 and repeated in the same months of the following year. Artistic values ​​of this group have transcended national borders.

Its members have been enriched by the presence of international directors and other prominent Guatemalan daily feeding professionalism and desire to continue the path of success. Through the Department of Arts, Guatemala Choir is positioned as an elite choir in our country and outside it.



  • Concerts and presentations seasons:
  • Season Conciertos Sacred Music
  • School Concert Season
  • Municipal Cultural Encounters
  • Departmental Season
  • Popular Season
  • Official Season
  • Guatecoral
  • International Tour
  • Holiday Season

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