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Choosing Rabin had Ajaw presence of Deputy Minister of Culture

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In a ceremonial context the choice of Ajaw Rabin was held for the period 2014 – 2015. The activity began on Saturday 26 July and ended the morning of 27 with the election of Miss Julissa Perez Annytha Cholotío, representative of the municipality of San Juan la Laguna, Solola. It was held at the National Youth Institute, based in Coban, Alta Verapaz

Rabin Ajaw_0097The election was attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Castellanos Clariza representing the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The official said that "the election of the Queen presents numerous cultural manifestations, from ceremonial robes, Mayan languages, to folk prints. All this, surrounded by unparalleled natural spectacle ".

Alongside other Pérez participated 110 participants an equal number of municipalities. The winner was invested with a silver crown, inlaid with jade and quetzal feathers. Also will make a trip to the United States to appear before the Guatemalan indigenous communities living in the country.

This activity aims to highlight the role of indigenous women in the social and cultural development. Therefore participants are asked to originate in municipalities with Mayan culture.

Choosing Ajaw Rabin was held at the National Youth Institute of Alta Verapaz to an audience comprised of people of Coban and groups who supported the candidates. This edition was the number 46 broke the record for participants, in previous years averaged between 80 and 90. Last year was elected Miss Lesly Yasenia tupil Tzub San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz.

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