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Cultural institutions strengthen institutional support

On Monday 13 May agreement was signed participation agreement to the Framework Agreement on Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Cultural Entities Scope, with the aim of contributing to the exchange of artistic events in various sectors of society. The signing was held in the Hall of Ministers of Culture and Sports, with the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax and civil association representative Fan (Association for Social and Cultural Development), Patricia Cifuentes. As witnesses included representatives of the entity in question and Guatemalan artists.
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The aim of the cooperation is to establish the foundations of cultural solidarity between society and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, entity that has been under charge of implementing national cultural policy. Thereby, strengthen the exchange of resources and establish standards for civil participation in activities within the cultural field. Through these entities will promote projects, activities and programs of national benefit.
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Among the strategies is to strengthen the National Cultural Development Plan Long Term cooperating with the inclusion of cultural and ministry partners and partnership Fan. Also, create specific plans for cultural exchange. With the completion of agreements such as this, strengthening the institutional relationship, in order to provide Guatemalan society of cultural and recreational.
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