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Enthusiasm, energy and coexistence joined in the Walk of Love Añejo

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The bridesmaids walk Añejo Love.

Guatemala, 20 February 2014. With the participation of more than five hundred elderly Walk of Love Añejo was performed, activity promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Substantive Senior Vice Ministry of Sport and Recreation Program.

The walk started at the park Jocotenango, area 2 and concluded in Constitution Square opposite the National Palace of Culture, where seniors were accompanied by school bands and the audience greeted with applause.

In welcoming the participants, Cristofer Lopez, Director Substantive Areas of the Vice, He referred: "The program Elderly, promotes sport as a means for the improvement and maintenance of health, thus, we thank you for being who you used to maximize the free services we provide ".

Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, He expressed his joy at seeing so many young older adults with heart and said that the Ministry of Culture and Sports promotes these activities that help them achieve a cumulative age with better quality of life.

After the walk participants danced to the marimba notes Golden Keys of the Ministry of Public Finance.

Recreation: Make use of free time to select healthy activity that will bring happiness.

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