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Guatemala joins international effort to promote Guatemalan film productions

Guatemala recently, through the Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD- joined the Conference of Iberoamerican Authorities Film-CACI-, which brings together 16 Latin American countries, with the purpose of sharing cooperation mechanisms to cinema and audiovisual, to promote through documentaries, peoples and countries.
Mr.. Manoel Rangel, Executive Secretary-CACI-, who visited the country this 11 June, next to another official of the institution to meet with the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sr. Leandro Yax and the Director of Casa Comal, Sr. Elias Jimenez, reported that manage the coproduction of films and documentaries for public television, further information, project development and project delivery.
Guatemala has taken the decision to join the DocTV, which is a program-CACI- and to join this program, provides background $50 thousand dollars for the production of a documentary Guatemalan, you will be being released by 16 Latin American countries public broadcasters in these countries, Rangel said.
With this agreement, Guatemala Guatemalan enabling producers of films and television, to access to the mechanisms of cooperation with other countries. We want to let people get to know it better and to have these measures to promote and co-production films, Rangel said.
The Deputy Minister of Culture, Sr. Leandro Yax, reported that Guatemala was invited to the next meeting of the-CACI-, to be held in the month of July in Medellin Colombia, with the participation of the country permanently incorporate Latin American co-production and integration agreement, to stimulate the development processes of film and audiovisual.
For his part, Lizandra Juarez, director DocTV, announced that the contest is open to productions that promote their country, among which is an opportunity for Guatemala proposals. The contest rules are www.doctvlatinoamerica.org
The Ministry of Culture and Sports in turn, reaffirms the commitment to continue promoting the art and culture of the country.

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