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Historian Miguel Alvarez receives Order of Heritage

Newly, a scholar of history receives the Presidential Order of Cultural Heritage National Order of Guatemala and was just honored lawyer Miguel Alfredo Alvarez Arevalo. Delivery will be made on Wednesday 22 May in the Hall of Flags at the National Palace of Culture to government authorities, academic, family and friends of Mr. Alvarez. The ceremony was led by Vice President of the Republic, Roxana Baldetti, Minister for Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rita Claverie of Sciolli and the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, María Rosa Chan.

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The formal ceremony began with the award-winning commendation, in charge of Brenda Monsoon, and the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage read Governmental Agreement No. 162-2012 that supports the delivery of the Order. Subsequently, the Minister of Culture and Sports expressed appreciation for the work that the Bachelor Alvarez has done throughout his career. The award was imposed by the Vice Baldetti. Subsequently, the Minister of Culture and Sports presented the diploma for the honor and finally, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs provided the certified copy of the Government Order.

Alvarez was pleased with the reception of the Order, highest award in the field of cultural heritage in Guatemala. Days before receiving the award had expressed satisfaction and pleasure at the recognition of his career. He currently serves as director of the National History Museum, where daily welcomes students and the general public interested in knowing the impact of past centuries Guatemala.

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Miguel Alvarez has a degree in History from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and has a degree in museology at the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museology of Mexico. Among its highlights honorifics City Chronicler, granted by the City Council of the City of Guatemala. Also a writer of texts related to colonial imagery, processions, art and traditions in Guatemala, among other topics.

It's a constant contributor to media about Guatemalan culture, given its track record and national recognition. Their presence in society is a tradition and part of the identity of Guatemala, recognizes that this time in awe at his historian.

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