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Culture Ministry regrets death of benefactor Rodolfo Paiz Andrade art

The businessman and cultural benefactor Rodolfo Paiz Andrade died Saturday 27 August to 76 years old. El fundador de la Bienal de Arte Paiz deja una profunda huella en el ámbito artístico nacional, which he was always linked.

The 2 last June, the Ministry of Culture and Sports recognized the merits of Paiz Andrade, by awarding the Prize Carlos Merida. Durante la ceremonia de entrega de este reconocimiento su hija Regina Paiz destacó: "Like any artist my father was a dreamer, alguien que con su imaginación logró conseguir nuevas formas de mejorar el mundo a su alrededor”.

Part of the philosophy of life Paiz Andrade was outlined in the book "Serving Life", which he released in November 2015. In this edition, businessman, who he was also Minister of Finance, It emphasizes the importance of being useful to others through concrete actions.

One of his greatest contributions to the arts it undertook in 1978, accompanied by the painter Leon Zipacná, with whom he became aware of the need for cultural exchange between local artists. A casi dos decenios de distancia, this platform is one of the most important of Latin America, the projection has internationally. Paiz Andrade was also one of the initiators of the creation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in 1986.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Chea Urruela, regrets the death of Mr. Paiz Andrade, who he is recognized as a visionary who sowed seeds that continue to flourish in the field of arts.

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