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Ministry of Culture and Sports presented book on Maya spirituality

The book "Dimensions of ritualism ago 2000 years and today ", which refers to the practice of spirituality in the Maya archaeological site Tak'alik Ab'aj, It was presented Thursday 31 March by officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The activity was held in the Hall of Flags National Palace of Culture, and it was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Juan Alberto Monzon representing the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Chea Urruela.

Along the Deputy Minister Monzon authors of the work involved, who also play their roles in the Tak'alik Ab'aj park: Christa Schieber who is the Scientific and Technical Coordinator Miguel Orrego, Chief Administrative Technician.

The event opened with an invocation by Mayan spiritual guides. After the dedication of the work was done by Miguel Orrego, to make way for the presentation of the book, which it was conducted by Christa Schieber. At this stage the process and origin of this document explained.

Later, Monzon Deputy Minister presented the work of the authors and in his speech talked about the importance of the work done by their authors, and the effort involved in creating a work as presented this morning.

The event closed with an artistic intervention by the Marimba Concert at the National Palace of Culture, in honor of the authors and workers Tak'alik Ab'aj archaeological park.

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