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Marimba music resonates in Guatemala

La Marimba Femenina de Concierto del Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, fue la marimba anfitriona.

Women Marimba Concert Ministry of Culture and Sports, It hosted marimba.

In an unprecedented act, the celebration of the Marimba was the opportunity for groups of this kind in unison interpret some of the most outstanding pieces of Guatemalan Directory. At 12 midday Thursday 20 February, when the sun showed its highest point, in the Plaza of the Constitution's first national assembly marimba that reached the farthest corners of the country was made.

Prior to the great assembly, he had a brief formal ceremony led by the Vice Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos who officially opened the festival. Director of Public Works of Art, Lucia said today Weapons, aside to commemorate the Marimba, also celebrated the day Tecun Uman, national hero. Thanks for organizing the event each year tops the Women Marimba Concert Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The country bound together in a musical embrace

The marimba conjunction was provided by the Women's Marimba Concerto, Marimba Gold Keys Ministry of Finance and the Marimba in the Municipality of Villa Nueva. The invitation to the event was not only to attend the Constitution Square to witness the concert; was convened public and private groups so that from the cities and towns of Guatemala, join in a distant tie shortened by music. It is as well as around 30 sets confirmed the national assembly at the same time.

La Marimba Teclas de Oro y Marimba de la Municipalidad de Villa Nueva, se unieron al ensamble de marimbas, a las 13 horas.

The Keys Gold and Marimba Marimba of the Municipality of Villa Nueva, joined the ensemble of marimbas, to 13 hours.

The collective interpretation began with My Fair piece Germán Alcántara Guatemala and El Grito, Everard DeLeon Cifuentes. Then, repertoire would be chosen by the organizers of each departmental concert. On the main stage were interpreted traditional Guatemalan Parts, academic compositions and arrangements of classical universal. Here a total of seven groups introduced: Alma Regimental Mariscal Zavala Brigade, Recreation Labour Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Army Corps of Engineers and the Auditor General's Office, in addition to those mentioned above.

At 16 hours a new national assembly was performed. Later there was a recess in which the representation of the game was witnessed Mayan Ball, by the Department of Sport and Recreation. The concert was broadcast by W Radio and private radio stations.

The Culture, engine of development!

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