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Named Identity points Historical Center

Each year as part of the activities of the Historic Center Festival XV through Culture Editorial, the Ministry of Culture and Sports takes a significant act of recognition of identity points Historical Center, places with a long history and many years of history that have stood the test of time and are part of life in Guatemala and the population living in the capital city and surrounding.

Nombran puntos de Identidad del Centro Histórico

Named Identity points Historical Center

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, identity recognized places that are part of the history of the Historic Center, be they who through the years have remained despite the change and growth of capital center.

The activity was held in the Hall of Flags at the National Palace of Culture and was attended by the Director General of Arts, Lester Godínez; the Chief Editorial Writer and Culture, Francisco Morales Santos; President of the Organizing Committee of the Historic Center Festival, Architect Ricardo Rodriguez and Director General Property Registry, Anabella de Leon; well as special guests and representatives of these landmarks that tell the history of years and years of historic center.

"City built in the Valle de la Ermita, to be placed under the patronage of Our Lady of the Assumption, was named New Guatemala of the Assumption, in the outline of what today comprises the historic center ", words of writer and main locator these points of value and identity, Maestro Francisco Morales Santos.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports did homage to the landmarks with an acknowledgment to each, because even though they are private algunos, have a long tradition.

Editorial Culture gave out a publication called "Identity 8 points Historical Center" which contains a bit of history and anecdotes in places full of tradition and identity were selected for the year 2012. It is entitled 8 points, because it is the eighth edition of the book, which was printed in the month of August 2012 with a circulation of 1,000 copies.


Identity points

  1. Lion Coffee
  2. Calcetines Flamingo
  3. Railroad Museum
  4. General Property Registry
  5. House of Súchiles
  6. Larrazabal House
  7. House Yurrita
  8. Legislative Palace
  9. Candelaria Parish
  10. Fine Arts Theatre

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